Five Places To Eat In Leland MI That Will Not Disappoint


Leland Township is about as good as it gets when it comes to picturesque vacation spots in the state of Michigan. Located on the northern tip of the LP or lower peninsula, Leland is right on the water with plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy. There are also great restaurants in and around Leland. You guys are going to work up an appetite for sure, and these top five restaurants in Leland MI are great picks for a pit stop.

Village Cheese Shanty on River Street is one of them, and it is all about delicious sandwiches. Do you like pretzel bread? Reviewers talk about all the ingredients being as fresh as they come, and you get a sandwich, drink, side and of course a cookie with your order. It can't be stressed enough that Village Cheese Shanty is not your average sandwich shop.

The Cove is another top spot, and it is also found on River Street. Burgers, fries, chowder and cherry pie are just some of what is served up at The Cove. Reviews also mention a signature Bloody Mary drink, and there are all kinds of other unique menu items, too. The whitefish sandwich is another favorite, and The Cove sounds like a great place to stop in for a delicious meal.

The Riverside Inn Restaurant is another top establishment, and it is also on River Street, just like the other two picks. It is going to be easy to find the best restaurants in Leland Township, don't you think? The Riverside Inn Restaurant features a unique dining experience on the river, and one person said in a review that the establishment never disappoints.

Bluebird Restaurant & Bar is also a popular restaurant on River Street in Leland Township. These restaurants certainly aren't scared of the competition, being on the same street and all. It is restaurant row right on the river, and Bluebird Restaurant & Bar is certainly a great pick. Enjoy pizza, cinnamon rolls, steak and so much more. Reviews mention that there are two different dining areas, so that must mean that this establishment is quite large.

Early Bird Restaurant is the 5th featured restaurant for this article about places to eat in Leland MI. It is not on River Street, so there is one at least in a different location. Early Bird Restaurant is on North Main Street, and as you can imagine, it is your place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. If you are looking to start your vacation day with a scrumptious breakfast, then you have found a great spot.

Which of these five restaurants in Leland Township do you think sounds like the best? All five of them are cozy spots to grab a meal, four of them being right on the river. You are going to find yourself enjoying the river, too, and all of the things to do in Leland. Whenever it is time to stop and grab a meal, you will know where to go.

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