Things to do in Glen Arbor

The Port Oneida Rural Historic District is a popular attraction in this small township. This District is a part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and contains more than 3,400 acres and 150 structures. Most of these structures are considered the ruins of subsistence farms that were built over 100 years ago. There are reenactments and fairs organized in the District throughout the year. That way the visitor is able to experience the way farming took place in the mid-1800s. This is a popular attraction that you shouldn't miss when you are visiting Glen Arbor.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is another popular attraction in the region. This park extends for more than 35 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan. There are many attractions and outdoor activities in this park. There are hiking trails and cross-country skiing sites in the park. You can also check out the South Manitou Island lighthouse and watch birds while you are there. You find a lot of observation points and picnic areas spread across the park. There are several on-site campgrounds for those of you who love camping outdoors.

Local Attractions

Glen Arbor consists of two covered bridges -Joshua's Crossing bridge and the Pierce Stocking-covered bridge. The first bridge is just eight miles from the city center of Glen Arbor while the latter is located about 15 miles from Glen Arbor. In fact, the Pierce Stocking bridge is a part of the 7.4 mile Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. It was built in the 1960s. Joshua's Crossing is a ninety-foot bridge which was built in 1995.

In conclusion, if you plan to tour Glen Arbor, you shouldn't miss the top attractions there. The aforementioned article provides information on things that you need to do in Glen Arbor MI.

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