Leland MI Tourism Offers Up These Five Top Attractions


Leland MI is full of adventures, and you are going to be wide-eyed and excited as you see what awaits you. It's not Hollywood, it's not Disney World, and it's not New York City. It's not one of the biggest hubs in its state, but Leland Township is an experience of a lifetime. In the last article, I gave you five top attractions, and now it is time to look at five more adventurous things to do in Leland, Michigan.

One of the attractions mentioned in the last article was the Manitou Island Transit, but I didn't mention South Manitou Island yet. What is interesting is that reviewers report that once you decide to make this trip, you are in isolation until another boat arrives. How cool is that? People do say bring supplies with you, and the scenery there is just beautiful, complete with a lighthouse and great views of the Lake Michigan coastline. One person talks about turning it into a weekend camping trip.

Leland Mercantile Company is on the list of leading attractions, and that's interesting because it is a small grocery store. For starters, this isn't just any grocery store. People say that even though it is small, it is packed full of supplies. Plus, you are going to need all those supplies as you make your way to some of the more primitive areas, especially if you head to the islands.

Far Fetched Charters offers up fishing adventures to consider for your trip to Leland MI. You can find Far Fetched Charters on West River Street, and reviewers report a great fishing experience with great people. It always helps when you have a good guide, and get this; you can have your catches cleaned and packaged to have fresh fish for dinner. That should be very interesting, don't you think?

Van's Beach is up next, and people have left all kinds of great suggestions in the reviews. One of the top recommendations is to make sure that you stop at The Cheese Shanty for lunch. People also like to go rock hunting on this beach because there are some beautiful rocks. It is also said to be an excellent spot for swimming, and Leland blue rocks are one of the finds to look out for.

Verterra Winery is going to be the 5th attraction to round out this list. You will find Verterra Winery on River Street, and the tour is said to be a great one. People do say that this establishment also makes hard cider, which is interesting. Whether it is hard cider you want or unique wine from an adorable winery in Leland MI, this stop will be enjoyable for sure.

Your entire vacation in Leland Township will be enjoyable. Just make sure you come back from the Manitou Islands. You are supposed to be on vacation, not finding a new place to live. Leland MI tourism offers quite a lot to travelers, and all you have to do now is book that trip.

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