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Leland Wine and Food Festival The Leland Wine & Food Festival is a big hit with the locals and travelers alike. Leland is an unincorporated township but is a unique place of interest in the state of Michigan that ushers in many tourists every year. This year, 2017, marked the 32nd year in a row that this festival was held in Leland MI. The event is held during the summer, and what can you expect if you decide to attend in 2018?

If you are traveling from outside the area, it is important to note that this is a one-day event. However, there are two gorgeous wineries to visit, the Manitou Islands and all kinds of other attractions to keep you busy. Leland Township, as small as it is, is a major tourist destination in the state of Michigan. Plus you have just begun to learn about what will await you as you make plans to attend this famous festival in 2018.

You can say that this festival is a tradition of the people living in northern Michigan. While the festival itself is a one-day event, there are typically events held the day before, including an Art Scape Art Walk and live music at Harbor Square. The Art Walk features local artists, and it is a tradition as well.

There may be only one local brewery, but did you know that there are a total of 12 wineries on the peninsula? That is quite a few, so maybe you could also make your way around to some of them. Pictures of The Leland Wine and Music Festival show quite a few attendees by the way, and it appears that everyone has quite a bit of fun. Just remember you might be a bit inebriated after trying 12 different wines.

Since this event is such a big deal and is held annually, you can imagine there is quite a lot of information given about what you will find there. While summer has passed in 2017, and this year's event is already in the books, it is interesting to look at which artists had booths there and who was in charge of the live music. You know you can expect a similar but even better event next year.

Dune Grass Designs is one of the businesses that had an artist's booth set up in 2017. It should be mentioned that tickets can be purchased ahead of time at a discount. You are given a commemorative glass as a souvenir, and you have to buy your wine tasting tokens. Leland Harbor is the exact location where the event is held each year, and by the way, purchasing tickets ahead of time is said to get you into the event faster. Good times, good music and good wine await you if you decide to journey into Leland Township and attend The Leland Wine and Food Festival. Maybe you will do some fishing while you are there, too, and perhaps you could take some of that wine with you for a camping trip on the Manitou Islands.

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