The History Of Leland MI


Leland MI Downtown ShopsIf you have ever been to the state of Michigan before, traveling up as far as Traverse City, if you go a little further to the north you will come to Leland. This unincorporated community is right on the edge of Lake Michigan. It has a rich history, one that serves as a departure point for those that would like to travel out to the Manitou Islands. There are many activities that you can do when you are in Leland in Michigan. It was once a simple fishing town. However, it has much more to offer, and here is a brief overview of the history of Leland MI, a great location that you should consider visiting.

The History Of Leland

This is known as one of the oldest Ottowa villages. It is on what is called the Leelanau Peninsula. In this particular place, the carp river, also called the Leland River, goes directly into Lake Michigan. It provided a natural fish ladder and was once used by the Native Americans as a prime location for fishing. Native Americans did not have a harbor, but they did use canoes by which they would fish in this area. It was after 1830 that the white settlers came in. A dam was created, and that caused all three of the natural legs to become one. Now called Lake Leelanau, it is a place where people go boating and fishing today. After the 1900s, very wealthy individuals began to build up the area, originating out of Traverse City.

Why Was This Area So Popular?

One of the reasons that this area became very popular with white settlers is its proximity to Lake Michigan. It allowed them to create a port by which goods can come in and be distributed to other locations on the top of the state of Michigan. A company by the name of Leland Lakes Interior Iron Company was formed, and subsequently places where timber, charcoal, and businesses for catching fish were set up. Specific areas were referred to as Fishtown, places where tugboats would bring in and deliver fish to the people living in the area.

What Can You Do There Today?

One of the most historic sites is Fishtown which was mentioned earlier. There is also the Château Fontaine. There is also another fishery called Carlson's fishery, and there are boats that travel between Leland and the Manitou islands both north and south. This can be done working with a business called Manitou Island Transit, and you can also charter boats to go on a fishing excursion. One of the best is Reelin' Leland Fishing Charters, plus you can also take some time to visit some of the local wineries in a couple of bookstores that are in the area.

Like many of the locations throughout this area, as well as the United States, these were once occupied by Native Americans that merely used the land as it was. Today, it is the results of industrial age moving into creating the beautiful location that many people visit annually. Whether you would like to go fishing, travel to the Manitou islands, or simply relax in this laid-back location, you will undoubtedly have a fun time. If you would like to experience this beautiful destination in northern Michigan, find out more about visiting Leland Missouri today.

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