Things To Do Near Leland MI That Make For A Great Vacation


North manitou IslandLeland MI is right there on the water, and it is also the spot where the ferry takes you to the Manitou Islands. You know that Manitou Islands have to be a must when it comes to things to do in Leland Township. Leland might be an unincorporated community, but there are still some very interesting attractions. Let's look at some of the top places of interest in Leland.

Fishtown is on Cedar Street, and this small historic fishing village is a must see. Stop by the old-fashioned candy store, visit all the other cute shops and enjoy some smoked fish. The cheese shop is quite popular, and people say that you are certainly going to want to check out the views. Not only that, but they say when checking out the dam, you can stop and watch the salmon jump as well.

You were told about the Manitou Islands and the ferry transit. Manitou Island Transit can be found on West River Street, and it is a nice day trip people say. You will be looking out, and taking in the views. There is a shipwreck tour that awaits you, too. There is also a wagon tour you can take and more. Basically, as mentioned, if you are going to visit Leland Township, you need to experience the ferry ride to the Manitou Islands and what awaits to you there.

Benjamin Maer Ceramics on North Main Street is another great stop. Not only can you check out some beautiful pottery as local art, but you can pick yourself up a souvenir. The artist you will meet there is named Ben of course, and Benjamin Maer Ceramics really sounds like a nice stop. One person talked about buying soup bowls from him.

Good Old Books is another popular niche attraction in Leland MI. Good Old Books is on River Street, and it is said to be a treasure shop of books. One person talks about a popular hotel in the reviews that you might want to check out when it comes to your lodging, and that establishment is The Riverfront Inn.

You can also visit Carlson's Fishery, Verterra Winery, and many other places. How does planning a trip to Leland MI sound so far? You are going to have a great vacation, and these top five attractions and two bonus mentions are a great start. Be sure to hop on that ferry to check out Manitou Islands, and have fun on your adventures. It's not every day that you get to take a unique vacation like this in one of the most beautiful areas in the great state of Michigan.

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