Wineries Of Lake Leelanau That Will Not Disappoint

Are you the kind of person who enjoys wine? Do you enjoy heading out to the various vineyards and tasing the complex flavors of each individual bottle?

Then Lake Leelanau is the perfect place for you! Lake Leelanau and the surrounding area on the peninsula,  is home to a variety of different grapes. The area is widely known for its “lake effect” climate, which makes it ideal for growing classic vinifera grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir.

If you can be in the area during October, then you're in luck. You can visit one of the harvest festivals that the wineries put on! Out of the twenty-six different wineries in Leelanau County, here are the top three wineries in Lake Leelanau, that do not disappoint.

1. Boathouse Vineyards (115 St Mary’s Street)

Located on M204 at the bridge in the Village of Lake Leelanau, Michigan (across from Dick’s Pour House), the tasting room also sits on the Narrows, a beautiful waterway connecting North Lake Leelanau and South Lake Leelanau. The tasting room opened in April of 2012. It was designed to take into effect characteristics of the surrounding area with its barn-red board and batten cedar siding along with stones that match up to buildings in the area.

You can access the tasting room by boat or car. Then relax and have a glass of wine on our covered porch or walk down to the dock at the water’s edge (next to the boathouse) and watch the boats pass by.

2. 45 North Vineyard & Winery (8580 E Horn Rd)

45 North Vineyard and Winery's tasting room, a hand-hewn, post and beam barn, is nestled in the trees right next to their vinyard. It exudes character and offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites you to relax and have fun while sampling our handcrafted wines and ciders. Our friendly, knowledgable staff is here to educate you about our products and make sure you’re getting the complete experience. We want you to feel at home here — cozy up next to the fireplace with a glass, take a bottle outside on the deck, play bocce ball, or stroll down to the Wine on the Line sign on the 45th parallel for a photo-op. We invite you to come in, pull a stool up to the bar, and taste what Leelanau Peninsula wine is all about.

3. Blustone Vineyards (780 N Sylt Rd)

Blustone’s tasting room is located in the middle of the vineyard with panoramic views, floor to ceiling windows, and a modern, clean vibe that creates an experience of Leelanau that is unforgettable. A huge glass door will open up when its warmer outside and glasses of wine will be available to purchase and enjoy on the terrace. Feel free to stop on by – our tasting room staff would love to see you!

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