About Suttons Bay, Michigan

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Sutton's Bay is a village that is located in the state of Michigan. It is a very small community that is home to less than 700 people. The actual area of the city is less than two square miles. It is all land and there is no water located there. This is why residents have to look at many other activities to keep them occupied if they want to stay inside the town.

The great thing about this town is that it is located not too far from Lake Michigan. It is also fairly close to Traverse City. This means that people who live there can easily get to a larger community for social activities and personal business matters.

Local Attractions

There is a movie theater located in the town and it is the only one in the entire county. It has been around for over 70 years and it is home to many art house movies. This is also the place to head to if you are interested in seeing a concert or a play. If you are more thrilled my first-run commercial films, you will have to go elsewhere in order to get your appetite whet.

Places To Eat

A restaurant called V I Grill is one of the oldest food places in the entire area. It has been around since the late 1800s. While there have been several owners over the years, it has still managed to remain popular. Dishes there that are popular with the locals include artichoke dip (that does not include a helping of the usual spinach) and popcorn perch, which is nuggets of golden fried fish served with a dipping sauce.

If you are eclectic and looking for something cultured to do with your time, this is certainly the place you want to be. The Suttons Bay Jazzfest and the Suttons Bay Art Festival are two yearly events that are a ton of fun for those that are looking for something exciting to do. Those who are looking for an activity that is more everyday can spend some time shopping in one of several stores in the area.

This is a very small community, but there is plenty to do for people who have a wide range of interests. If you are interested in a place where everyone may actually get to know your name, this village should be at the very top of your list.

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